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JMA Wireless DAS gets carrier-grade certification

Teko centralized DAS earns NEBS Level 3 compliance certification

JMA Wireless, based in Liverpool, N.Y., announced its Teko distributed antenna system platform was accredited for Level 3 Network Equipment-Building System compliance.

NEBS is a standard devised by Bell Labs, with Level 3 compliance indicating the equipment meets specifications related to fire suppression, acoustics, airflow, vibration resistance, security and RF emissions. In application, NEBS Level 3 compliance means JMA Wireless hardware is considered “carrier grade” and acceptable for central office deployment.

Teko said its platform is a centralized DAS unit that connects independent carrier centralized radio access network locations to coverage areas using fiber optic fronthaul.

“These are challenging tests, which are critical for the next evolution of high-density wireless coverage solutions that will leverage C-DAS architectures,” said Todd Landry, corporate VP of product and market strategy at JMA Wireless. “Achieving NEBS Level 3 certification is a testament to the advanced level of engineering at the foundation of the Teko platform.”

TE Connectivity’s FlexWave DAS is the only other DAS product with the Level 3 certification.

In May, Landry discussed the JMA Wireless Teko DAS platform with RCR Wireless News Editor Martha DeGrasse.

“In today’s market, we think of DAS deployment almost on a venue by venue basis,” Landry said. “What C-DAS does is it really brings that headend off premise. It allows you to use lower cost facilities and it allows you to distribute that technology out to multiple venues.”



Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
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