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5 things to know in mobile 8/17/15

5 things to know in mobile 8/17/15

Update on Verizon Wireless super cookies and Apple self-driving car update

5 things to know today:
1. Most U.S. wireless carriers have stopped using so-called super cookies, according to the digital rights activists at Access Now. Super cookies follow users and track their Web browsing. Access Now says Verizon Wireless is the only major U.S. carrier still using them, and that Verizon gives users an opportunity to turn them off.

2. Public safety will be in the spotlight this week as the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International kicks off its annual convention in Washington, D.C. That show runs through Wednesday.

3. U.K. newspaper The Guardian reports that Apple is trying to lease space in the San Francisco Bay Area to develop a self-driving car. The project is reportedly called Project Titan.

4. Apple supplier LG Display said it will invest more than $8 billion in organic light-emitting diode screens for smartphones. LG Display is one of Apple’s primary suppliers for iPhone displays.

5. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said anyone would be crazy to keep working for a company like the one described by The New York Times in an article which ran this weekend. The authors of that article interviewed dozens of current and former Amazon employees and described a highly impersonal workplace.

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