YOU ARE AT:5GDeutsche Telekom tests 5G uplink at Berlin Marathon

Deutsche Telekom tests 5G uplink at Berlin Marathon

Deutsche Telekom: “5G takes data transmission to a new level”

During the Berlin Marathon, German telco Deutsche Telekom successfully used a 5G uplink to transmit live television images. The telecom partnered with the marathon host broadcaster Infront Productions to run the test, which sought to explore how high-quality television images can be integrated into worldwide live reporting.

5G smartphones, used as modems on the professional cameras, transmitted the camera images via Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network to the control room, reportedly resulting in a picture quality that was “absolutely smooth and perfect.” Infront Productions then incorporated the test images into their worldwide live coverage.

In a statement, Tiana Trumpa, 5G product manager at Deutsche Telekom commented, “5G takes data transmission to a new level. The test in Berlin is an example of the possibilities that guaranteed uploads offer media companies. 5G offers production companies high quality and low latencies for live images.”

The test showed that 5G will allow for stable transmission of camera signals for professional TV productions with 50 frames per second. The teleco also pointed out that producing live TV coverage via cloud-based methods will reduce use of more wasteful filming methods like airplanes and helicopters, while also reducing the need for infrastructure.

Peer Seitz, head of production at Infront Productions elaborated, “This is a milestone in 5G production and a first step towards offering production even more sustainable and resource-optimized for our partners in future.”

As of early September, Deutsche Telekom had an operational 5G network in the cities of Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Darmstadt and Munich with services being offered via 129 5G antennas. The telco also said at the time that it is gradually expanding its 5G network clusters in these five major cities, and expects to provide 5G coverage in the cities of Hamburg and Leipzig before the end of 2019.




Catherine Sbeglia Nin
Catherine Sbeglia Nin
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